Reiner & Shoot'

by Hillel Reiner

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Debut album of Hillel Reiner's Project - Reiner & Shoot'


released January 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Hillel Reiner Jerusalem, Israel

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Track Name: We Stand Tall
Clueless I stand analyzing what I see
Unbearable cries lay where the wise will just let them be
It still seems we stand tall
Eyes wont bear to see
Cry oh my
It still seems we stand tall
(It still seems we stand tall)
But somehow I'm not proud at all
Track Name: Prism
Wild interpretations in the everlasting cold
My thoughts empty as my sentiments unfold
Now that you are gone imperfections hold sway
Encroaching on my space unfeeling

I wont hold on like i tried to before
To wait for a call, for a knock on the door
Wont predict nor presume but still I will pray
Leave me tomorrow, don't leave me today

Sleepless, waiting for
Floating in a realm of fractions
Don't worry off your socks of bothering life, of wanting more
Spoiling in strife, spoiling a point
Track Name: Of Eyes & Losers
How easy, sympathy
The same heat melts the same ice
Future is certain, still throw the dice

Bring down curtains, make shade
(Don't let old) don't let old conscience take a peek
Didn't take much time to reach conclusions i didn't seek
Eyes are for the losers who listen to the weak - and feel

This feeling thats inside, Empathy is killing me
Come and see
This feeling thats inside, its confining me
Let me be

We are giving up on heels and knees
Truths align against the wall as we speak
Somehow most will stand, one'll die, giggling
Eyes are for the losers

[This feeling...]

(Let me be) blind, ignorant and kind
This smile is my face to keep
Why decline the giving up design?
The world that we find
Is created by someone else's mind

[This feeling...]
Track Name: Mus In Pice
I just cant describe the kind of despair
That goes through me just by thinking 'bout her smile and her hair
This feeling that we obviously don't share
I cant bare it no more
And I am not sure, what if you i bore?
Maybe my jokes are poor? Dont push me out the door
I just want to get to the core, then again what for?
Just wanna (want to?) be with you, just thirsty for more
Just thirsty for more

I realize from the way that you stall
That you don't get what i am speaking to you at all
But please try to understand me, oh cant you see?
This ain't easy for me
So listen to me until I'm done, just let it go in an instant from your head I'll be gone
Time is reliable he'll do his job you will see
In a minute or two you wont need me

No matter how much heat and light will come from the sun, just raise your palm put against your eyes and you'll see nothing
Track Name: Speechless/360
Took a long time to rise up from the fall, I found some space to breath
Now i am moving forward scaling up the wall
Looking for the secret in between the words, As i hold on tight
Making all of nothing - the fruits of what's to be in my mind
When all is raging on the verge of fall
I fly and smile and think of nothing at all
When time is spent and what could've has been heard
I'm left completely speechless

I reach far above me, i reach far beyond
I reach for the infinite
I reach and keep reaching on
When all is raging on the verge of fall
I fly and smile and think of nothing at all
When time is spent and what could've has been heard
I'm left completely speechless -
There are things i cant express with words

Lets raise a glass to satisfy my soul
To my success, to everything that may or will go
There will be no more talking with these swords
I'm going on a new road, wherever it may lead
There's so much to be done
Im going, going - gone
Track Name: As Time Goes By
Goodbye, you can note i am happy
While you stare from down below
I've cried, its so tense i am snapping
It all will fade as time goes -

Dive to the black vast of sweetness
Where the loved ones soon will meet
Deprived of what before was needless, you fade away

Please smile, please dial, please talk to me
Please howl, please growl, please don't leave me

As time, as time goes by
you become far, you become dim, you become shy
Fragile pain, I'm not sure
As time goes by, I need you more and more
Track Name: Magnificent Cell
Stressed, our old friend 'excitement' stalls
Taking a gun to your hand is surely a unique way to paint the walls
Drown in expectations of getting far
This square is for you to stay right where you are

Well defined health, predicted by the smile or the stealth
Elegant yet wrong
The bottle, drunk, declared I am gone! And while roaming home he sang this song
For i am god i sure know, when you're alone time moves so slow
Just like a bee it stung and died
Just use your patience you will see, why you project yourself on me
Subconscious, truth, abide

Slow and lame like before, this era purified by pain
Bored as hell evermore
Me and I
Forced into selling this tale
Me and I built a magnificent, the most magnificent cell

The most magnificent tower high above
I can be the beautiful skies, the beautiful doves
I can be way far
It took some height, it sure took a while
For now at least, I reconcile
Track Name: רחם רחם (Mercy) feat. Daniel Zamir
רחם בחסדך על עמך צורנו
על ציון משכן כבודך זבול בית תפארתנו

בן דוד עבדך יבוא ויגאלנו
רוח אפנו משיח ה׳